Finding The Friend That Sticks Closer Than A Brother 

When I thought I had reached an awful end.
I came to know a faithful and true Friend.
Who completely loves me as I am.
And never causes me any kind of harm.

Many a friend have come my journey way.
But some of them would not afford to stay.
Many were willing to help but were unable.
A few unwilling to render help, but capable.

There’s one thing I have come to know.
Many friends will always come and go.
Their going away may not be caused by strife.
It is a normal phenomenon of this life.

It’s okay when some friends go away for good.
Especially if they can’t stand in your ‘hood’.
When that happens, I’ll try not to feel too sad.
Because I’ll soon find out it’s not all that bad.

Indeed, there is a friend that sticks closer,
Than the most loyal biological brother.
But that will be a very difficult kind,
That only a few will be privileged to find.

I may find one friend that stays longer,
That gives me a kind of support stronger,
Than anyone else has ever given me.
But what if that never comes to be?

We can always find a friend in the Lord Jesus,
Who has promised He’ll always be there for us.
Whatever we go through in this time and space,
We can get succour by looking unto His face.

He is the friend closer than a brother.
I am staying with Him forever and ever.
He is the truest Friend I’ve ever met.
He is known as Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Proverbs 18:24


©CopyRight 2016 -Victor Uyanwanne


15 thoughts on “Finding The Friend That Sticks Closer Than A Brother 

  1. Lucky 01/08/2016 / 12:19 pm

    AMEN! He is my closest friend as well. My life! So that makes us friends too right?

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  2. Jesus is our Best Friend Victor and He is the Head of The Body, His Church and as you know we need each other too, my closest friends were once Strangers until they walked into my heart and so were you.

    May you be greatly Blessed Victor as you reach out to others with the Eternal Hope we have in Christ Jesus, if you share again with Atheists be assured I will support you when needed but be careful as they do back stab and slander, seeking to set us Christians against each other the same way Cult Members do when confronted with God’s Truth and often others are not aware with whom they are sharing with until much later and the damage has been done.

    I became aware of their propaganda when Ministering to Atheists, Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons, they mostly at first claim to be friends but are our enemies and yes we are to Love and pray for them but we don’t accept their evil actions or wrong focus and teaching, this is why God tells us to test their Spirit.

    “Christ”ian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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    • VictorsCorner 03/08/2016 / 5:30 am

      Thank you Anne for the insightful comments. I have really missed you in the past weeks.

      Your advice is very important and well appreciated. Thanks for caring so much and thanks for all your support. Remain blessed.

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  3. Thank you dear Victor, being missed and appreciated is a real blessing, sorry I have not been in touch but I’m going through a bad Storm in my Life that has left me not much time for Blogging which I have indeed missed, especially with being unable to visit my Blogging friends like you and new ones that join up with me.

    I have continued to respond to those who are praying for us even though I have not shared fully yet all that has happened but I will when lead to and when Ron is in agreement for me to do so. I’m very Thankful though to all those who have also prayed for our furry friend Mo-Joe after he was attacked by another dog, he is very special to us as was Monty who died recently and whom we miss greatly.

    Take Care – Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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    • VictorsCorner 03/08/2016 / 5:59 pm

      Thank you Anne. You are always, always appreciated. Sorry about the loss of Monty. It is well with you and the rest of the family.


  4. chuks 05/09/2016 / 7:45 am

    The only true friend is Jesus. He would always be there for us. Nice piece

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