10 Curious Blog Names I’d Like Explained

What is in a blog name?, you may ask. Your blog name often points to the direction or focus of your blog.

As was stated in the Story behind your blog name post,

Your blog name is one of the first things that readers notice about your site. Your name tells visitors what your blog is about, but also reveals a bit about you and your personality …Cheri Lucas Rolands

There are some blog names that I consider easy to understand in that you don’t need to crack your brain so much to have an idea what the blog is about, even before you pay a visit to their about pages.

For instance, some of my followers such as Josephina of Joseyphina’s World, David Ettinger of EttingersWriting, Malaika of Potential Doctor, to name but a few, have blog names that one might consider very straightforward to understand.

But then, there are also some other blogs that I follow or some of the ones that follow mine, that may be adjudged to have blog names that are not so straightforward to comprehend.

By that I mean that their blog names appear to have meanings that may not be so easy to decipher on the surface.

For the purpose of this post, I shall be restricted to highlighting some of my followers whose blogs I consider to have ‘curious’ names. Curious in the sense that​ further explanations​ may be needed to truly understand the exact meaning of the blog names.

I hope that the authors whose blogs I will highlight and link to in this post will find this as a veritable avenue for them to explain the correct meaning of their blog names to my audience. Therefore, this post will try to draw out the blog owners to throw more light on the inspiration behind their blog names.

First of all, it is not my intention to be critical with this post. (Forgive me if it comes across that way). Consider it my privilege here to voluntarily recommend these blogs that will be featured below.

My wish is that this post will precipitate some answers that will satisfy readers’ curiosity and clear our doubts as well. But if this post makes the blog writers feel uncomfortable in any way (which I hope not), they should feel free to let me know for necessary action.

Having said that, We can now take a look at the:

Meaning of blog names

10 Curious Blog Names I’d Like Explained

1. Tikeetha’s A Thomas Point of View

We know that Jesus’ Disciple known as the doubting Thomas, even though I have long realised that Thomas is more than a doubter.

I also know the blog writer Tikeetha is not the sister of the doubting Thomas😀 But is she his disciple?

I think not because I follow the blog and I don’t see Thomas’ spirit at work every time. So Tikeetha, would you kindly tell us why you chose a ‘Thomas point of view’ as your blog name?

2. Anne’s Freedomborn … Aussie Christian Focus

I have enjoyed following this blog from far away Australia. Over the period of our mutual interactions, I have come to know a few things about the author, including being a former atheist, who is now very passionate in following God.

But I have not come to fully grasp the true meaning of the blog name, “Freedom… Asssie Christian Focus.”

Over there on her blog’s first page, Anne tells the story  of an eagle which started life in a chicken’s world and lived like a chicken until one day when it discovered it’s true identity as an eagle and flew away to the sky.

The story is interesting, but are we missing something out on the true meaning of “Freedomborn … Aussie Christian Focus?”

In her response to a previous post on this blog, Anne stated, “…I prayed for a Name and I thought of Freedomborn… My Blog focus including Comments has often been about Freedom in Christ Jesus and what it really means to be Born Again and Perfected in Love…”

Over to you Anne, did I miss anything on the true meaning of the name of your blog?

3. Mikayla’s MiksBullshitsBlog

Mikayla, I am sorry if you think your write-ups are bullshits because they are not.

I have read through your posts and I saw no bullshits dumped anywhere. I saw them as very interesting perspectives on your life’s experiences, and they are full of lessons.

You have to keep writing, because you are definitely not dispensing bullshits. At the same time, I can’t but ask: Of all the blog names you could have chosen, why bullshits?

Mikayla, would you let us in on the reason you chose that name for your blog?

4. Vincent’s TalmidimBlogging

At the time I discovered the blog, the word talmidim was completely new to me.

Now I know it is a plural Hebrew word meaning, “Disciples,” referring to “those who leave family to study and follow the ways of their teacher [rabbi]. They study not only to learn what their teacher knows but to become the type of man their teacher is.”

That is a wonderful meaning. After all, I see my self as a disciple of Jesus Christ, aspiring to be like Him. But we need to hear from you Vincent: what is the inspiration behind your blog name, Talmidim?

5. Kristen’s The ungodly woman

Wait a minute, ungodly woman? Why would I want to follow an ungodly woman?

That was the question that came up in my mind the first time I ever saw that blog. But then I explored the blog and didn’t see ungodliness spattered all over the places.

What then inspired that kind of blog name? The blog’s author explains, “The way I see it, if sainthood and godliness is supposed to look like what so many practising Christians in America believe it to be, I’d much rather be lumped in with the rest of the sinners and ungodly ones.

Besides, as the ungodly woman, I have unfailing confidence that Christ is for me. Even, and especially, when His people are not.

Beyond what is obvious in the quote above, Dear Kristen, if you don’t mind, this is an opportunity to explain the philosophy behind the name of your blog, to me and to other readers.

6. Braddahr’s Cultural Atheists

I have written a few posts bothering on atheism before. To be honest, some avowed atheists that responded to those posts proved very difficult to relate with.

Even though a few of them were polite in my conversations with them, many of them were not that nice at all. So when ‘Cultural Atheist’ began to follow my blog, I was tempted to think, “there goes another atheist.’

But I came to realise soon enough that the author had already converted from atheism to Christianity. And I was pleasantly surprised about that!

Was that why the name ‘cultural atheists’ was chosen as the name of the blog?” Braddahr, if you are reading this, kindly explain to us the real meaning of Cultural Atheist as your blog name.

7. JD Mays’ Shattered in Him

I am curious to know what inspired this blog post.

As the author states on her blog, “By sharing her journey, her hope is to shine a light for someone who may be lost in the dark.”

That’s quite clear. But is there more to the blog name than meets the eye?

Dear Mays, do us a favour by shedding more light on Shattered in Him to enable us understand the blog better.

8. Lisa’s The Whisper Within

What is the Whisper within? Would I be wrong if I say it means the voice of the spirit on the inside of me?

Is it just a gut feeling or conscience or your sense of right or wrong?

Lisa says it is more than that; that it is something different and extraordinary. Wouldn’t you want to hear the extraordinary​ meaning of the whisper within?

Dear Lisa, what then is the true meaning of  the whisper within as your blog name?

9. Jacqueline’s A cooking pot and twisted tales

What do you see when you read that blog name? May be a lot of delicious meals hot off the pot, on one hand… Right!

On the other hand, I can assure you that the posts on that blog are not ‘twisted,’ What I don’t know is why the author named her blog a “Cooking pot and twisted tales.”

May be there is a story behind it. And I would like to hear it. So Jacqueline, would you tell us what inspired the name of your blog?

10. A  Beauty Beyond Bones

This prolific writer, I understand, prefers to remain anonymous. But her blog tells her story in a way that speak volumes about her. Her story is one of struggles, faith, courage, victory, hope and encouragement.

I have often wondered the true meaning of beauty beyond bones until I read her post explaining it.

My beauty is from Christ”  she says, “My beauty is not my own. It is because I am made by God.

“Yes, my physical body – my flesh, muscles, bones – they’re beautiful, because they’re the handiwork of the Lord. But it goes beyond that. My true beauty comes from the fact that Jesus is living inside of my heart. He dwells within me.”

That is quite inspiring, I would say. But is there anything you would want to add to enhance our understanding of your blog name, Beauty Beyond Bones?

To everyone whose blog is mentioned here, I expect you would leave a comment in response to the question on your blog name. Even if your blog is not mentioned, you can put in a comment as well.

©Copyright 2017 | Victor Uyanwanne


15 thoughts on “10 Curious Blog Names I’d Like Explained

  1. Shattered in Him Mar 15, 2018 / 7:08 am

    Glad that helped make some sense out of the name. I get asked about the name a lot. 😂 I hope this season finds you blessed greatly!!


    • VictorsCorner Mar 15, 2018 / 8:26 am

      Yes, I can imagine that there would be other people curious about your blog name just as I was. Your explanation was very insightful. Thank you for sharing and remain blessed too.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shattered in Him Mar 15, 2018 / 6:54 am

    The name ‘Shattered in Him’ was a reference to the absolute brokenness I felt and the decision to take all of the shattered pieces to Christ. Allowing myself to be broken in Jesus was allowing Him to mend and make whole all of those shattered pieces. Psalm 34:18 is an important verse in all of that.

    I’ve had technological difficulties for months that have hindered my online time and kept me limited, so I’ve been absent and am just seeing this. Forgive the long delay.

    Liked by 1 person

    • VictorsCorner Mar 15, 2018 / 7:00 am

      No problem at all. Your comment is highly appreciated. I think taking the pieces of our lives to God to fix is the best decision we could take it. No other person can do it better.

      I like the angle to the idea of shattered in Him as you shared. And the scripture too, very appropriate. Thank you for the feedback.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tikeetha T Jan 19, 2018 / 6:03 pm

    LOL. I’m just seeing this. I chose it because my last name is Thomas and I always said it was my point of view. That’s what my blog is all about.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus Aug 10, 2017 / 11:08 pm

    You did not miss anything Victor but I will share again here how my Blog came together and Thank you for asking and for also sharing how yours started and what your Blog Name means.

    It was not my idea to start my Blog in 2011, with my being Dyslectic and unable to write fluently or spell I did not feel very confident about Blogging but a friend kept encouraging me until I agreed. My friend than set the Blog up for me but I didn’t realize it was in America until a few weeks later but amazingly I had used a Story on my opening page that had an Eagle as it’s focus and I also used an Eagle as my header not realizing this is America’s Symbol.

    My friend asked what I wanted to call my Blog and we tried a few names but they were rejected so I prayed for a Name and I thought of Freedomborn and it was accepted but in the Spellcheck it is Freedom Born 2 words, my Blog focus including Comments has often been about Freedom in Christ Jesus and what it really means to be Born Again and Perfected in Love, so it all worked well together and when I Post or Comment the words just flow and the Scripture comes into my mind but I still make mistakes with Punctuation etc but thankfully Firefox helps with my Spelling, yes I’m a cracked Vessel but God is the Superglue!

    On my Blog I’m two people Anne and Grannie Annie which is one of my Pen names and which Children often call me, I use Grannie Annie to focus on the deeper points of my Message when I Post and respond as myself if I feel I want to add more.

    I also do my Devotions Blogging, which blesses me greatly, God often leads me to peoples Blogs and besides being blessed by their sharing and encouraging them, I correct error too if needed using Scripture to confirm God’s Truth. Blogging to me is a two way Conversation with the opportunity to glorify The Lord and also to be in Unity with His Body, The Church and like you Victor my Spiritual Brothers and Sisters come from all Countries and Denominations and I’m very Blessed to be able to share with you and them my Heart Focus too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

    Liked by 1 person

    • VictorsCorner Aug 11, 2017 / 12:03 am

      Thank Anne for sharing this. I believe my readers will find it helpful.


  5. Vincent S Artale Jr Aug 10, 2017 / 9:01 pm

    The inspiration is within the definition you so eloquently described. The Teacher we learn from is Comforter sent after Christ ascended to Heaven, namely, The Holy Spirit. Ultimately learning from the scriptures God’s plan for His children.


    • VictorsCorner Aug 10, 2017 / 11:14 pm

      Oh yes, that’s​ true. The Holy Spirit is our greatest Teacher.
      Good to know that our definition of your blog name agrees with the inspiration you have about the blog.


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