I Want To Be Your Friend Forever

I want to be your best friend
Now and till the very end.
Always being there for you
No matter what you go through.

I want to be there even when you mourn.
Whether in the night, noon or morn.
I will stick with you till tomorrow.
Sharing in your pain, joy and sorrow.

I want to be with you all the way
And not only for this passing day.
Cheering you on when your way is right
Or giving you a warning when it isn’t so bright.

I want to be your truest friend
Way beyond the farthest bend.
Giving you all the support you require
When to meet your goals, you aspire.

I want to be your friend and brother
Whenever, wherever and forever.
Infusing you with the power of hope
So that in adversity you can cope.

I want to be there when you need me.
For that’s where I was called to be.
So that as you play on in your game.
I’ll be in the grandstand to holler your name.

Count on me as a true friend forever.
I promise to never leave you, ever.
Whether you win or you lose.
To be with you I will choose.

Even when your adversaries roar.
I will always be there to help you soar.
Like the wind under the wings of the eagle.
I’ll help you overcome the struggle.

©CopyRight 2016 | Victor Uyanwanne