How About Sharing The Gospel With A Smile?

Why can't you smile as you share the gospel? Good news is fir sharing.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is goodnews and goodnews is for sharing. But do you share goodnews with a frown on your face? No!

How come you always put on a very ‘serious’ face whenever you share the gospel? How about sharing the gospel with a genuine smile plastered on your face?

This last Sunday morning, I was driving to church when I noticed a middle-aged lady standing at the edge of my street handing out some gospel tracts to passers-bye. Such practice is a usual sight in the part of Lagos where I live, so there is nothing spectacular about it.

But as I looked closely at the lady, I observed that she was wearing a very serious look, not smiling at all. Her hands were handing out the supposed printed messages of love but her face didn’t show any happiness or enthusiasm. That got me thinking!

“Why can’t she just put on a smile while dishing out those leaflets to her target recipients?” I asked myself under my breath as I waited for my turn to negotiate the intersection next to where she stood.

I didn’t mean to judge her but I couldn’t resist thinking about the observation as I drove along to my destination. But before I could push the thought any further, it dawned on me that many Christians make the same mistake while sharing their faith with other people. (I am not exempting myself either).

I recall an incident in that regard in the year 2000. I boarded a city mass transit bus to work. I took the opportunity to openly share the gospel with everyone on board. (Unlike what is obtainable at present, preaching, advertising etc were not banned on some public buses then).

My voice was loud enough to be heard in all corners of the vehicle. So I declared the gospel message to my audience to the best of my understanding….

  • “Jesus loves you, He died for you and is calling you into a personal relationship with Him…”
  • “Only Jesus can save you. There is no other name through which you can be saved….”

I went on passionately along those lines for a couple of minutes with all the energy and enthusiasm in me. But I didn’t realise how too straight-faced I was until I overheard a co-passenger say something like,”This is not a quarell here, we got your message.”

Really? I was preaching like it was a quarrel? Of course I didn’t realise it. But whether the comment was unwarranted or not, I got the message…

A natural smile flowed from my heart to my face as I heard that comment. My voice had been too tough and my look so stern, may be. I took the unsolicited correction and began speaking in a more loving way, without compromising the message.

Since then, I have come to know better on how to carry my face or body language while sharing about Christ with someone – be it on a one on one basis or with a larger audience. It doesn’t mean the gospel should be preached with levity or with a “take it or leave it” kind of attitude.

Agreed that the message of the gospel is a serious message. But it has to be delivered in love.

  • Realise that the gospel is better shared with love, with a smile than with a frown.
  • The gospel is a message of love. It should be shared in love.
  • Let not your attitude confuse your hearers.

I mean, you tell someone that Jesus loves him or her wearing a frown on your face? How do you reconcile that? Let me say it again:

  • The gospel is goodnews.
  • Goodnews is for sharing.
  • The gospel is goodnews that should be shared with joy and enthusiasm.
  • The gospel should be shared in love, always.
  • If you are telling someone that the Lord is good to you, don’t show otherwise; don’t look like God has forsaken you. As you preach the gospel to someone, don’t let it be a case of “Your message is lovely but the look on your face betrays it.

    Sharing the gospel is a divine call. Why can’t you share a smile as you share it?

    ©CopyRight 2016 | Victor Uyanwanne


    Tribute to a Woman of Faith and Focus


    You may be gone from our midst
    But you aren’t gone from our hearts.
    ‘Cos we will always remember you.
    Though you are no more here.

    Your legacies remain alive with us.
    You were a mother like no other
    You were unique in your own ways.
    You lived your life the best way you could.

    You ran the race God set before you.
    Now that you have gone the way of all men
    We are sad that you are no more here
    But we will always celebrate your memory.
    Till we meet again in the Lord’s bosom.

    You found the Gospel light at a tender age
    And you followed it till you breathed your last.
    You did not only find the way of Christ
    You pointed it out for us your children to follow.

    Lt Mrs Victoria Uyanwannne Bakwunye
    Lt Mrs Victoria Uyanwannne Bakwunye

    You told us you knew no other way, but Christ
    You told us to follow Jesus Christ
    Till our days on earth are gone.
    Now that you are no more here
    God is helping us to follow through.

    You taught us how to give to God
    Since the time we were kids
    Now that we are grown men and women
    We have not forgotten this lesson of yours.

    You were a mother like no other
    You proved that love and discipline go together
    You never spared the rod to spoil the child.
    Your love was strict, but it was also true.

    You never feared any man, except God.
    You showed courage even in danger
    You always stood for what you believed in
    Even when no one else stood with you.

    You never went back on your words
    You always did what you promised.
    Your face always carried a cheerful smile
    That radiated to those around you.
    The daughters of men testify of your generosity

    Lt Mrs. Victoria Uyanwanne Bakwunye
    Lt Mrs. Victoria Uyanwanne Bakwunye

    We are glad we had the chance to know you
    As a shining example of faithfulness and loyalty
    You stayed faithful to God until your last breath
    You were loyal to our father even in his death.

    You disciplined us in love unto maturity.
    You may be gone from our eyes
    But you will never be gone from our hearts.
    Adieu Mama Victoria, a woman of faith and focus.


    PS: Tribute to my mother Victoria Ofunim Uyanwanne Bakwunye, in commemoration of one year anniversary of her passing, which occurred on April 18, 2015.

    What if Christ had not risen from the dead?

    By Victor Uyanwanne

    Benefits of Christ resurrection from the dead

    Easter affords us Christians around the world the opportunity to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on a larger scale than most of us would normally do. But apart from this, our lives should actually reflect the resurrected Christ on a daily, continuous basis.

    Therefore, we should be able to say:

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