Tribute to a Woman of Faith and Focus


You may be gone from our midst
But you aren’t gone from our hearts.
‘Cos we will always remember you.
Though you are no more here.

Your legacies remain alive with us.
You were a mother like no other
You were unique in your own ways.
You lived your life the best way you could.

You ran the race God set before you.
Now that you have gone the way of all men
We are sad that you are no more here
But we will always celebrate your memory.
Till we meet again in the Lord’s bosom.

You found the Gospel light at a tender age
And you followed it till you breathed your last.
You did not only find the way of Christ
You pointed it out for us your children to follow.

Lt Mrs Victoria Uyanwannne Bakwunye
Lt Mrs Victoria Uyanwannne Bakwunye

You told us you knew no other way, but Christ
You told us to follow Jesus Christ
Till our days on earth are gone.
Now that you are no more here
God is helping us to follow through.

You taught us how to give to God
Since the time we were kids
Now that we are grown men and women
We have not forgotten this lesson of yours.

You were a mother like no other
You proved that love and discipline go together
You never spared the rod to spoil the child.
Your love was strict, but it was also true.

You never feared any man, except God.
You showed courage even in danger
You always stood for what you believed in
Even when no one else stood with you.

You never went back on your words
You always did what you promised.
Your face always carried a cheerful smile
That radiated to those around you.
The daughters of men testify of your generosity

Lt Mrs. Victoria Uyanwanne Bakwunye
Lt Mrs. Victoria Uyanwanne Bakwunye

We are glad we had the chance to know you
As a shining example of faithfulness and loyalty
You stayed faithful to God until your last breath
You were loyal to our father even in his death.

You disciplined us in love unto maturity.
You may be gone from our eyes
But you will never be gone from our hearts.
Adieu Mama Victoria, a woman of faith and focus.


PS: Tribute to my mother Victoria Ofunim Uyanwanne Bakwunye, in commemoration of one year anniversary of her passing, which occurred on April 18, 2015.