Victor Uyanwanne

By Victor Uyanwanne

We know we have potentials
But we are not doing enough to develop them.
What is the use of a vibrant energy?
That remains buried and untapped?

We know the future is bright
But we keep living in the past!
How can we ever enter and enjoy the future?
If we don’t ever leave the past behind?

We know our lives could be better
But we hesitate to do things to improve it.
Why are we waiting and delaying?
The room of improvement is never filled up!

We know we are not so perfect!
But we fail to work on our weaknesses!
Can a dirty china become clean,
If it has not been washed at all?

We know we don’t like to be criticised
But we never cease from doing it to others.
What makes us think we would be likable?
When our words ache like pain?

We know we like being appreciated
But we think other’s don’t deserve the same.
Don’t we think if we want appreciation to come round.
We ought to start giving it first to others?

We know we ought to make more progress
But we fear to take the first steps forward.
How can we get to where we want to be
If we don’t put one foot in front of the other?

We know we crave for love and forgiveness
But we ourselves are never generous with such.
How can we be so very surprised?
That we don’t get loved and forgiven by others as we want?

We know we want respect and admiration from others
But we are less concerned about our self-respect
Why then are we so bothered that we don’t get so respected
As much as we think we deserve?

We know how good it feels to be welcomed
But we don’t always spread our hands to welcome others
Yet we wonder why people don’t always warm up to us
Like the insect to the nectar in a flower

We know we are not without blemish
But we are always quick to cast the stone on others
Why don’t we treat other people
As we want to be treated?

We know Rome was not built in day
But we cry and worry over every little slip.
With our heart filled with so much worries,
How can we enjoy a deep sleep at night?

We know we shouldn’t go to bed when the roof is on fire.
But we pretend it’s just a little flick of flame.
Why then do we wonder and cry aloud,
When all we have is turned to ashes?

We know every seed produces after its own kind.
But some of us are those who sow corn and expect a harvest of yam.
Who would be ever so disappointed,
As much as someone like that would be?

We know we should say ‘I am sorry’ sometimes
But our pride keeps us from saying it.
Doesn’t it matter to us that our friends and family are hurt,
When we fail to say “I am sorry, please forgive”?

We know its good for us to give.
But we hoard the things we ought to share.
Have we forgotten the Master’s rule:
“Give and it shall be given to you”?

We know we should give thanks in all things.
But we say all things are not okay to give thanks, so we complain.
Are we now wiser than the Master,
Who said “give thanks in all things”?