There Is Room For More. This Is why

By Victor Uyanwanne

There is always room for more
Seek it and you will find it
The room of improvement is never filled

There is always room for more
Your life can be happier
You can live healthier
Trust me, you can be wealthier too


Be you, but be the best you
Check where you stand, you can stand taller
Check where you have been in life, you can go further
Evaluate your achievement, you can achieve more


Yes you know much, but there is much you don’t know
You have learned a lot, but then there is still much to learn
Don’t close your mind, so you don’t imprison yourself
Live free, but not without limits

Smile, it doesn’t hurt anyone
Forgive more than you want to be forgiven
Love better than you are doing now
Give more than you have ever done before

Improve your life
There is always room for more…….

Copyright | Victor Uyanwanne

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