Pro-Abortion? A Lesson From Cristiano Ronaldo’s Birth

A case against abortion.

Who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo? Do you know he survived an abortion attempt when he was conceived?

If you are in doubt, I am talking about the football prodigy of Portuguese descent that presently plies his trade with the Italian Serie A giants Juventus.

Many football lovers would admit that CR, as some people choose to call him, is not only the greatest player of our time but probably the greatest of all times.

And some reasons can be adduced for saying so…

He scored the highest number of hat-tricks in recorded football history and has also won the highest number of prestigious trophies in his thriving footballing career.

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That’s fine and commendable. But let’s ask you this question:

What if Ronaldo had not been allowed to see this earth thirty five years ago when he was conceived?

To be more direct, what if he had been aborted while he was still an ‘ordinary’ fetus in his mother’s womb?

That question shouldn’t surprise you because The Mirror, UK once reported that “Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother admitted she considered having an abortion when she was pregnant with him.”

The paper quoted Ronaldo’s mum, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro, as  saying, Ronaldo “…is a child that I wanted to abort. God didn’t want that to happen and I was blessed because of that and God didn’t punish me. Sometimes Ronaldo makes fun of me and says ‘You didn’t want me to be born. But now you see that I’m here helping all of you.’ And, well, sometimes we have a laugh about that.”

A word to pro-abortionists

Are we not grateful that Ronaldo’s right to life was not taken away from him some decades ago at conception?

Ronaldo’s birth is a good lesson to encourage all of us to be pro-life, instead of pro-abortion.

While abortion “is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy,”  a pro-abortionist is “a person who is in favour of the medical provision of abortion.”

This is in contrast with being pro-life and standing in opposition to intentional abortion.

Should we all take a good lesson from Rinaldo’s birth experience? I believe we should.

If you are pro-abortion, don’t you think it’s high time you changed your stand? I have many reasons for requesting so.

First and foremost, you would not be here if your mum didn’t respect your right to life, neither would I be here punching these words on my laptop keyboard to the blogosphere if my mum had ‘chosen’ to get rid of me while she was pregnant with me.

The point has already been made and I want to believe you got the message: Be pro-life. Say no to abortion.

Final words

Just look at how hugely successful a soccer star Ronaldo had become today! The world would have been robbed of his prodigious footballing talent had his mum been successful in aborting him when he was conceived.

Whether it is a Ronaldo or any other conception, human life is precious. Don’t cut it short or encourage other people to do so – either while still in the womb or outside of it.

Just like Cristiano Ronaldo, every child ever conceived has a divine purpose to fulfill and positive contributions to make to the world. Even if the child was conceived out of wedlock, it doesn’t confer on anyone the right to terminate its life.

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What do you say? Drop a comment!

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