7 Simple Reasons You Should Really Admire Quiet People

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Quiet people are people who are quiet in their personality. And personality is “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.” As simple as that may sound, it is better than the popular misconception that quiet people are shy people or introverts.

Perhaps, one of the reasons for the uncomplimentary qualification is the definition by The Oxford Online Dictionary which defines an introvert as a “shy, reticent person.” It also explains that to be shy is to be “nervous or timid in the company of other people.” And to be reticent means “not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily.”

While I agree that quiet people might not be so outspoken, I know they are not necessarily shy or timid. They are just being themselves in their own way. So this post is about some admirable qualities of quiet people.

Quiet people are cool and calm in their personality but are not necessarily timid and shy. Having driven that out of the way, let us consider a few things we know and can admire in quiet people.

1. Quiet people are not loud, noise makers

A quiet person has a voice and can often use it when the need arises. But he will not allow his voice to constitute a nuisance. In other words, he is not a noise-maker.

If you enter a room with ten people, the loudest voice you will hear will not belong to a quiet person. He is okay with being seen and being heard only when the need arises. He doesn’t crave for the spotlight.

By definition, the word ‘quiet’ means “making little or no noise.” That’s one definition that fits our definition of quiet people. They are not as loud as their extroverted counterparts.

By quiet people, I am not speaking about introverts in general, but about people who are quiet ion their personality. If you find that confusing, you may have to re-read my definition of a quiet person.

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2. Quiet people process their thoughts before they talk

Quiet people are reflective in nature – they “think deeply or carefully about” things.

I’m sure you have met people who talk before thinking. And that can be very annoying. But you will experience less of that with quiet people because before they talk, they would usually process their thoughts over and over again.

That’s not a bad thing in itself. But if you don’t understand it, you would conclude that quiet people are slow and boring.

3. Quiet people can keep your secrets

When someone talks too much, he or she can often reveal secrets unintentionally. But quiet people are less prone to making that type of mistake.

If a quiet person reveals your secret, then it must be deliberate, because a quiet person would normally not talk too much to the extent of blowing the lid unintentionally.

4. Quiet people listen more than they talk

We live in a world where many people are talking but only few are listening. People have more time talking than they spend listening. This is were a quiet person is different: he spends more time listening than talking.

The ability to observe and listen are natural strength of quiet people. So it’s their pleasure to listen to other people while they talk.

If you want a listening ear, a quiet person can be your best friend.

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5. Quiet people tend to be very empathetic

Empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” You can often see a good number of quiet people who have a huge dose of empathy in them.

They have time for you, listen to you and empathise with you. If that is not a quality you can admire, I don’t know what else it.

6. Quiet people hesitate before giving unsolicited advice

Some people are quick to give advice when no one asked them for it. That’s a phenomenon known as giving of unsolicited advice.

Quiet people are less likely to be guilty of this because they are not prone to sharing their thoughts except where necessary.

7. Quiet people have an attractive air of mystery around them

If a person doesn’t open his mouth to speak, how would you know what he thinks?

Quiet people don’t talk too much, much less talking about themselves. Because of this, you would need to be draw closer to them before you can enter their would.

So if you are not yet in their world, it arouses your curiosity and an eagerness to want to find out what’s going on their lives.

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